JavaScript Ninja

Book: Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja

By John Resig and Bear Bibeault - 250 pages - Manning Publishing (Pre-Order)

The untold secrets of the elite JavaScript programmers distilled for intermediate JavaScript programmers, bringing them completely up to speed with the challenges of modern JavaScript development. Explores specific techniques, strategies, and solutions to developing robust, cross-browser, JavaScript code.


This book is intended to take an intermediate JavaScript developer and give him the knowledge he needs to create a cross-browser JavaScript library, from the ground, up. Due to the challenging issues that are continually encountered when developing cross-browser JavaScript applications JavaScript libraries have become a necessity of modern JavaScript development. All JavaScript developers have a collection of reusable code - either written by themselves, someone at the company that they work at, or by a third party. Thus, it becomes increasingly important that a JavaScript developer understand how to, either, construct a library from scratch or understand how their library of choice works.

The knowledge necessary for JavaScript library development is taught in three phases: design, construction, and maintenance. A base of strong, advanced, JavaScript knowledge is taught to the reader, giving him the ability to make decisions about the overall design of the library and how to tackle its eventual construction. The construction of the library examines the numerous tasks that all JavaScript libraries have to tackle and provides practical solutions and development strategies for their creation. Finally, maintenance techniques are explored for keeping the library running well into the future. All of these fundamental strategies, combined, provide the reader with all the knowledge necessary to build, or understand, any modern JavaScript library.

Who is this book for?

JavaScript Developers - Developers who interact with JavaScript on a daily basis and have a strong background in programming. They have to deal with cross-browser compatibility issues continually and, thus, are forced to implement, or use, a JavaScript library in some form. This book will help them to either understand their existing libraries or write their own.

About the Author

John Resig is the Dean of Computer Science for Khan Academy and the author of the book 'Pro Javascript Techniques.' He's also the creator and lead developer of the jQuery JavaScript library. He's currently located in Brooklyn, NY.